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You’re a creative entrepreneur with a message you’re not only passionate about but one that carries an incredibly strong personal connection for you. You’re going places and nothing’s stopping you. You want to make an impact.

But you’re feeling lost, frustrated, disappointed, or discouraged; you’ve come to write — nothing happens.
Don’t worry; we’ve been there too!

Every entrepreneur wants to write a book that engages their readers and is driven by an inner desire to help others. Your book is destined to go forth and touch the lives of people, but you don’t need to walk that journey alone, it’s possible to break into the book market and live the successful life you dream of.

You crave the real thing in life and business, and we believe that you deserve it. It’s time to expand your idea of what’s possible for your writing.
After all, life’s too short to wait.

Publishing a book the right way can bring you freedom and limitless opportunities beyond your wildest imagination. If done correctly, a published book will also increase your influence, impact and income.
It’s time to make your writing dreams come true.

Imagine reaching more people with your ideas while spending less time marketing your business. Imagine more targeted readers on your website while making more money. Imagine slowly building a huge, profitable brand that drives hundreds of thousands of dollars in an authentic way.

We know you’ve thought about writing a book? To create an unshakable foundation for your business where you immediately gain leadership in your field. Writing a book can be a lot of work, but it will yield tremendous benefits for you. From new opportunities to new partnerships, each book will open additional doors.

Here are four reasons why you should write a book now:
1. Being a published author immediately positions you as an expert in what you write about. People believe that if you’ve written a book, then you must be an expert in the field.
2. The process of writing a book is such a powerful learning experience. You’ll learn more about how to effectively communicate, and discipline; after all, words don’t just magically appear on your screen.
3. A book is an influential marketing tool. Your customers crave substance and value, and you can certainly provide all of these benefits in a book.
4. A book gives you a platform from which to share your message with the world. It will give you the groundwork to communicate with your tribe.

Writing a book generates excitement and interest in your business and online entrepreneurial worlds.

During the pre-publication phase, it’s best to make people aware that you are writing a book, and even request people’s input. You can do this by sharing any of your research, notes, or give a sneak peek of your content throughout social media feeds and blog posts — engaging your audience, creating excitement while gaining a little pre-credibility. They will be more invested in your book and will want to buy it when it comes out.

Writing naturally builds that foundation for you to show up on, confidently.

Every time you get your name in front of people, you remind them of your services, increasing the likelihood that they will contact you when they need your service. If your book is on Amazon, it has the potential to reach millions of people who visit the web daily. They will all have access to your book, and Amazon is rated so highly by the search engines that people searching for information on your topic will find your book, and learn about you.
Your book can also help you build a list of subscribers to nurture. By providing a free chapter of your book to the visitors of your website, when they provide their contact information. At networking events, you could provide a free copy of your book to get some free publicity by getting listed in the program as a contributor. In your book, you could also include other opt-in opportunities, such as links to your website, or to your social media feeds, so the readers of your book provide their contact information to you, and you get a great source of leads by people who are already influenced by your writing.

Anyone can be a writer. Sounds easy, right? It’s not.
True leadership through writing is rare because most people aren’t willing to do the one thing they need to grow their influence — write!

If you are called to write you must listen for the answers — and write.

Many people, not just writers, have dreams, right? Or passions. Something they love to do, something they want to do, or something they want to achieve. For some people — not chasing down their dream comes down to one thing: they simply don’t know where to begin.

Let’s start here.

Ask yourself: what is the purpose and goal of my book? You have to start somewhere.
Now, develop an idea and purpose for your book. Writing down the purpose of your book and revisiting it often will keep you focused. Many authors have wasted time only to find they are writing the wrong book or the audience isn’t quite right or the structure doesn’t work. Don’t let that be you.

Figure out what you want to write about.
You need to figure out what book you were meant to write; the book that no one else could write. Once you figure out the topic of your book, you’re then going to have thoughts ruminating over and over that your book’s already been written. You want to figure out what you bring to the world — what your hook is.

What are you going to serve up that’s different, but that will still have value for your readers?

Ask yourself, who are you writing this book for? When you get clear on your essential readers, your writing will resonate — you’ll speak their language. If you don’t take this step, your book is liable to have trouble reverberating with your tribe and more likely to sound common — less inspiring and less compelling.

Start by writing an outline or a table of contents for your book. This will be a lot of work, but it will make the writing process much easier once you have an outline to follow. It will also be incredibly beneficial to you because it will help you to flesh out your idea into chapters, which will help you better structure your book’s message. It’s tempting to start writing, but an outline will free you. It will save you hours, of writing content that never makes it into the book. Writing a book varies a bit for each writer. However, if you start with an outline, you will inevitably save time. Even if you later change the outline, having had this, to begin with, will still save you time. In addition, it makes it much easier to sit down and write. Just look at the overall outline and pick a place that feels right in the moment. You don’t need to write sequentially even with a book that needs to be read that way.

Write the first 1-3 chapters. Writing those chapters will give you a great idea of how long it will take you to write the entire book.

Set deadlines. I know none of us really wants more stress in our lives, but most writers I know struggle with two things: discipline and focus. A good deadline helps with both.

Start writing every day. Try to create a habit of writing every day. While certainly hard at first, it will yield high rewards after.

Try using a distraction-free writing program like WriteRoom, Ommwriter or jDarkRoom.

The opportunities to grow and expand your business or ideas through publishing a book are limitless. Your words can inspire valuable wisdom, actions and ideas that can build trust and relationships with your audience.

And the journey doesn’t end here — don’t stop your momentum. Keep it going. Promote yourself, keep up with your readers, connect, blog, and get ready to begin your next writing project.

You won’t find a better time for your words to spread like wildfire to inspire and empower: if done correctly.
It’s time to prove your authority.

Write to us and tell us about your idea, your hook, or pitch for your book.


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