Love Beyond Blame is a true story of one fathers fight for what he felt was best for his sons after separation from his wife. As Geoff reflects back over the last decade of his life, those words “The challenge is over for you,” rang through his mind. If only the doctor knew of the challenges that lie ahead of Geoff as he lay on the hospital bed in Kingussie. From leaving his wife to fighting for custody of his sons, dealing with grief, relationships and so much more on a physical and emotional level. Geoff overcomes every challenge with dignity and pride, a success not only of a father fighting for his rights but that of any parent faced with similar challenges. His story will take you on a journey of uphill struggles, downward cycle rides that could have catastrophic effects, along a path of emotional turmoil that leads to a great sense of achievement. A fight worth fighting for, but I guess you will be the judge of that. A decade on and who knows where the path will take him next.

Emma lost her dignity, her family and she didn’t care about anyone but herself. Slowly she destroyed her life to the point where her children were taken from her, Emma’s marriage was over and she found herself in a hospital bed alone and scared. Life had nothing to offer her anymore, she tried to end it all. Through Emma’s story you will see how she turned her life around, confronted the bottle and won her battle with addiction. Emma shares her heartfelt, honest story of what it’s really like to be an alcoholic. To lie, cheat and at times not even recall what she did the night before. With the love of her family, Emma found herself again. Today Emma enjoys a fulfilling and happy life and proves that nobody is ever beyond help.

ABIGAIL’S RAINBOW is the searing account of a bereaved mother’s journey through agony to forgiveness, told by the mother in her own heartfelt words. When fifteen year old Abigail Simpson piled into her friend Scott’s car for a lift to a party, she was doing what thousands of other teenagers do every weekend. Little did she know that it was the last journey of her life. Scott crashed the car and Abigail was killed instantly. Her mother Nicola’s life as good as ended that day as well. But with the help of friends, family, amazing encounters and her inner strength, she eventually fought through depression and despair to confront her child’s killer and forgive him. ABIGAIL’S RAINBOW is an incredibly compelling and emotional read which plunges the reader into a living nightmare but thrusts them into the joy and light of life as well. Just as it is now for Nicola, nothing will ever be the same again.

But she still has time for me is a book for both mum’s and kids.

As mums, we’re all just doing the best we can for our kids. Be kind to yourself and remember that being a mum isn’t always about the big stuff.

So this is your reminder to relish in the moments and enjoy each second of the crazy, amazing & challenging journey that is parenthood.

The Power is You will take you on a journey of self discovery and inner evolution. Frank Belli embarked on his own personal journey after a very difficult upbringing leaving him feeling like he just didn’t fit into normal society. Taking the conscious decision to find the answers to life he travelled the world in search of true meaning to all that there is, yet along that journey he found the answers lie within. Frank shares with you here that the Power is within YOU. With simple tools and techniques it is possible to fuse together self help, neuroscience and spiritual subjects, combining ancient spiritual wisdom which can help you to step forward, be inspired and live an amazing life. The Power is You is designed to be your companion on the way towards your inner truth, peace and freedom. Join Frank’s journey and set yourself free…

Are you tired? Exhausted from juggling everything from your business to family and friends, and feel there’s just not enough time for you and fun. Then it’s time to reconnect with yourself, especially your body, and Freedom from Fatigue, is the book to help you on this path. The author Tammy Guest leads you through a step-by-step process to optimise your energy and maintain it. Her knowledge is a combination of her personal journey battling adrenal fatigue and helping thousands of clients, who are fed up with running on empty. In Freedom from Fatigue, Tammy shares her experience as a scientist and naturopath in a simple format to help recharge your batteries and maximise your energy. As a mum, wife, business owner and entrepreneur, she understands that life sometimes gets in the way of your health. However, through some simple fact sheets, practical strategies, questionnaires and guidance, she helps you discover what is really important to you and the importance of your health to obtain it. Tammy is passionate about helping people to thrive and through Freedom from Fatigue, she aims to help you reset and recharge your batteries plus have the knowledge to know when you need to top up, so depleted energy is part of your past.

Lloyd Park is one of the most renowned and best loved places in Walthamstow; a vibrant mix of recreation, relaxation and visual enjoyment in a historic setting.
The author Sue Nisbet shares her knowledge, understanding and the history behind the majestically beautiful park along with photographs and maps through the ages.
Her continued love of the park drove the historian in her to look into how the park came into being which led to her to become the historian for the Friends of Lloyd group. Sue leads a number of historical walks and talks around the park which opened to the public in 1900 and was once described by the Council as part of the ‘lungs of the town’.
This book will take you on a journey through time, discovering about the early residents, how the park was established, its sports and recreation facilities along with wildlife and the changes over time.
Features of this book also include the history of the Georgian Mansion House, originally known as Cryklwoods with the moat giving testimony to medieval origins. The house and estate have changed ownership and uses many times from a private house, municipal use building, a pupil teaching centre, clinic and now museum.
The house itself is mostly remembered for its famous inhabitant William Morris who moved in in 1848. He was an artist, craftsman, designer, a prolific writer of stories and poetry, a translator, radical socialist, founding member of the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings and in the latter years of his life a notable printer, setting up Kelmscott Press. The house was a large family home, Morris being the third of nine children, and the oldest son of William and Emma (Shelton) Morris.
Take a walk through the fascinating history of Lloyd Park along the journey of this book.

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