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Play big. You are a writer.

Writing a book is one of the most powerful ways to enhance your reputation and grow your business. Publishing gives the author instant credibility. People perceive authors as experts and trust them.

Authorship is the new black!

Do you dream of becoming an author and want to share your message with your world? Every author is driven by an inner desire to help others. Publishing a book the right way can bring you freedom, success and opportunities beyond your wildest imagination. If done correctly, a published book will also increase your influence, impact, authority, visibility, and income.

It’s time to make your writing dreams come true. Writing a book generates excitement and interest in your business and online entrepreneurial worlds.

During the pre-publication phase, it’s best to make people aware that you are writing a book; you can even seek people’s input. You can do this by sharing any of your research, notes, or give a sneak peek of your content throughout social media feeds and blog posts—engaging your audience to create excitement whilst gaining a little pre-credibility.

After your book is published, you’ll want to shout out to everyone in the universe. You will want to tell everyone walking down the street—you are published!

Writing naturally builds an unshakeable foundation for you to show up on.

Every time you get your name in front of people, you remind them of your services, increasing the likelihood that they will contact you when they need your service or refer you to others needing that service. If your book is on Amazon, it has the potential to reach millions of people who visit the web daily. They will all have access to your book and Amazon is rated so highly by the search engines that people searching for information on your topic will find your book, and learn about you.

Your book can also help you build a list of subscribers to nurture. By providing content of your book to the visitors of your website, when they provide their contact information.

In your book, you could also include other opt-in opportunities, such as links to your website, videos or to your social media feeds, so you get a great source of leads by people who are already influenced by your writing.

Anyone can be a writer. Sounds easy, right? It’s not.

True leadership through writing is rare because most people aren’t willing to do the one thing they need to grow their influence. Many of these influencers have mastered the art of communicating what everyone else is thinking or what they should be thinking. They are curious and always ask, “What’s important here?” As you write your book, keep asking yourself this question.

If you are called to write you must listen for the answers. There are people out there, waiting to connect with those bold enough to ask.

Just keep writing.

Writing a book is the new business card and is the answer to being visible as an expert in your field—through visibility you will become the game-changer in your industry. You will have a significant edge over others and showcase what you do to your potential dream clients by giving them a book, authored by you!

Whether you are an entrepreneur, visionary, speaker, coach, authorpreneur, thought leader, tribe creator, game changer or warrior in your business, your ideal customers and dream clients will see you as an authority when you become an author.


Letting go of overwhelm and knowing you have finally (sigh…) reached your ideal clients.

Creating an unstoppable momentum that builds with each email you send, each post you publish.

Gaining new and meaningful connections that grow your business beyond your wildest dreams.

Sharing your stories in a way that immediately ignite and inspire your audience.

Get your work into the hands of the people that it will matter to most and start writing today.

Yellow Rose Publishing has a team of industry experts to help you take your book from concept to a flourishing best-selling publication.

Happy Writing!


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