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Do you have a story to share, an outline idea for your book but arent sure where to start, how to map out your book and how much you really want to share, especially if you are writing your own personal story. We support you every step of the way, not just the writing process but also coaching you to peel away the layers and dive deep into your story. From our own personal experiences, we understand the importance of being fully supported along your journey, knowing that writing brings up feelings and emotions as you relive your story while writing.

Yellow Rose Publishing Ltd is an independent publishing service that empowers authors. We offer a personal and professional service where you are involved along the journey from  a writer in possession of a manuscript to a published author. As best-selling authors, ourselves we understand the journey, not only writing but on your own personal journey too, writing often stirs up embedded feelings and emotions, we help you to dive deep into your story, peel back the layers and enable you to work through barriers to bring your story fully to life. We encourage and support you along your entire journey, through our own personal experiences we understand the importance of having full support and understanding. Writing isnt just about the end result; your book, its also about the journey you travel within as your words flow onto the page and release locked away feelings.

We make publishing simpler with our professional author services. The packages we offer give you the flexibility to choose what you need to turn your book vision into a masterfully designed reality. We walk with you each step of the way, helping you reach your publishing goals and your author dreams.

Your author destiny lies with helping others, so what are you waiting for?

We publish a variety of genres with a focus on real life, inspirational and transformational books.

Our professional services range from cover designs, book formatting, distribution and marketing to basic and extensive editing.

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Yellow Rose Publishing Ltd is one of the fastest growing publishers of inspirational stories, personal growth and transformational books, we represent hundreds of authors focused on creating purposeful and fulfilling lives.

Founder of Yellow Rose Publishing Ltd Nicola Simpson, is an international best selling published author herself. Nicola’s interviews have been viewed by millions of people worldwide for her book, Abigails Rainbow, a journey through grief after her daughter Abigail died in a car accident in 2007. When Nicola first started writing she didnt see herself as a writer, she was a grieving mother we an important story to share, she wanted to help one person out there in the world who was suffering.

Why Yellow Rose Publishing?

Yellow Rose Publishing Ltd provides authors, entrepreneurs and thought leaders a way to easily publish their books to make a difference in the world with the messages they wish to share.

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We’re committed to changing the publishing paradigm.

The fact is traditional publishing is a thing of the past. You dont need a traditional publisher and go through a long, laborious submission process.

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