Four Tips for Successful Publishing

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It takes one person to write a book, one publisher to have faith in that book, and a whole team of publishing professionals to bring it into the world.

Once you finish your first draft and start to think about publishing your book, you can quickly fall into analysis paralysis, unable to move forward because you don’t know what to do first, when to do it, or even how to do it.

You have personal life-changing experiences, a motivational manuscript or inspirational business insights to share, and now it’s up to you to get your book out to educate and empower others. Book publishing may be intimidating at first, but with a little help, you can publish your book and reach your goals.

Recent research by a group of book publishers and educators revealed 85% of people have “dreamt of writing and publishing a book.”

Yet, for most people, a dream is all it will ever amount to.

The number one reason: fear of where to start. Don’t let that be you.

Here are some tips for successful publishing:

1. Write for your target audience.  Think about how well you know the ideal reader for your book. People buy books because of some sort of outcome, solution, or result that it gives them. When you get clear on who your readers are, your book will reach and resonate to those specific people your words are for. You’ll speak their language. Your writing and anecdotes will be particularly apt and relatable for your readers. If you don’t know who your target audience is, your writing is liable to have trouble resonating with your readership and more likely to sound generic—less inspiring, less compelling. For many authors, this is the first time they’ve thought about their book from the perspective of the audience. They’ve only dreamed about the reaction an audience will have to their book and not spent any time thinking about why the audience will react that way. Think about yourself as you decide to buy a book. Do you ever think about the author’s concerns? Of course, you don’t. You think about why buying this book might help you. Well, that’s precisely what your potential audience is going to do when they see it on a shelf or Amazon or their friend’s Facebook page. You should be able to explain what your book is about in a few short sentences. Once you know your ideal audience, the easier it will be to find a publisher in alignment with you, your book and your readership.


2.  Provide inspiration and originality when writing your synopsis; an entirely different approach than your competition, publishers will have more trust in your synopsis if they feel that you have experience and originality on the topic. What is a Synopsis? A synopsis is a succinct account of a manuscript grouped with the cover letter and the chapter sample; it is a vital piece of the querying puzzle. The synopsis demonstrates your writing talent, shows your ability to craft a good story and, should get the publisher clamouring to read your full manuscript. It’s probably the single most despised documents you might be asked to prepare, after all, condensing 90,000 words into one page is no easy task. If you need help writing your synopsis, email our editorial team Here is one of our favourite articles’ from Jane Friedman to explain a little more on the dreaded synopsis.


3. Be prepared.  Make sure you are willing to put in the required time and expenses to successfully edit, publish and market your book — have a plan ready! Did you know that there are more than 32 million books in print according to Bowker? Therefore, it is imperative to have your pitch ready and be prepared to give it anytime, anywhere; being proactive is the vital key. And, with a sea of information online — almost 12 million opinions on how-to-publish — it’s easy to see how you can be in complete overwhelm on, where to start, many of these opinions are complicated, and many more of them outdated. No wonder most people either try and fail at publishing or don’t try at all. It’s too hard to figure out. Correction: it was too hard. That’s why we provide you with the easy and correct way to publish your book. Publishing is not as hard or time-consuming as you might think, and no one knows how to guide you to profitably get your work to market better than our marketing experts at Yellow Rose Publishing — your readers are waiting!


4. Have realistic expectations. Every author is driven by an inner desire to help others. Your book is destined to go forth and touch the lives of people, but you don’t need to walk that journey alone. You can break into the competitive book market with an edge. Publishing a book the right way can bring you freedom, success and opportunities beyond your wildest imagination. Understand that your book might not gain overnight success. The opportunities to grow and expand your business or personal recognition as an author through publishing are limitless. Writers have an obligation to their audience — to respond and listen to their feedback, to build a relationship, to keep them as readers forever. That’s why you should also be publishing to your own blog and using Twitter. Your readers can find you, support you, and give feedback. Start promoting your book topic locally and really focus on reaching your target audience; your work will eventually speak for itself, but in the meantime, don’t become discouraged if your book doesn’t take off right away. You won’t find a better time for your words to spread like wildfire to inspire and empower — if published correctly.

Good luck on your writing journey to publication!

Written by  Natasha Gilmour


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