Nicola Simpson founded Yellow Rose Publishing Ltd in September 2012, initially to self publish her story Abigail’s Rainbow. Not coming from a literary or publishing background Nicola learnt all the skills required to format, edit and prepare her book ready for publishing. Sourcing a printers was the easy part in comparison. Working into the early hours of each morning paid off, Yellow Rose Publishing Ltd released its very first book and best seller Abigail’s Rainbow on 6th October 2012.

Since publishing her story Nicola was soon approached by other authors seeking help and advice to publish their own. Like Nicola they too had inspiring stories to share with the world. Nicola offered advice and shared her new found skills. Soon she was receiving requests to publish their books too.

Through learning the publishing industry Nicola has become more aware of the difference between the three choices to publish: Self, Independent and Mainstream Publishing. All authors would love to be taken under the wing of a mainstream publisher but this is the most difficult to get into. If you’re not already a celebrity or in the media interest then a mainstream publisher is less likely to offer you a deal. But it’s always worth at try, send them your first three chapters and synopsis and see what they say. Nicola’s philosophy is start at the top and work your way down, always dream big! Mainstream publishers after all are looking for the next best seller to generate huge profits and you might be just what they’re looking for.

Self publishing can be very costly and more difficult to market. There are many companies that will print a few hundred copies for you at a premium and then it’s down to you to sell them all. This is where it can become costly; you may end up like many with several boxes of unsold books stacked in your home. Independent publishing in Nicola’s view is the gap in between and this is where we at Yellow Rose Publishing fit.

Independent Publishing isn’t quite as high profile as a mainstream publisher but they have access to the market that self publishing is difficult to get into. Through independent publishing, your book is made available worldwide online with the big online booksellers like Amazon, Book Depository and Flipkart to name a few. But it doesn’t stop there; the high street bookstores also have access to purchase your book using their purchase channels already in place. We ensure that your book is available via Gardners, Bertrams and also Nielsen in the UK, the leading market distributors.

Nicola has close connections with Indian and Turkish publisher’s who not only translated and published Abigail’s Rainbow but also numerous New York Time’s Best Sellers. As a self publisher this is almost impossible to achieve and can become a huge challenge to face.

There are no guarantees of course. Who knows what bookstores, agents and publishers around the world are looking for, but raising your own profile as an author and get the sales pitch right at the right time of year are all essential qualities to make that break into the book world.

What we at Yellow Rose Publishing offer is the use of our skills to prepare your book for publishing, we make the necessary arrangements for your book to then become available worldwide for you.

We use the connections we have to share your story and help raise awareness of you and your book. The rest is up to you to make the next Best Seller ranking.

Who better to market yourself than you? We take the stresses and strains out of the difficult part in production.